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Fingershield East are the official suppliers of Fingershield in the North East of the UK. The award-winning Fingershield brand has been preventing fingertrapping accidents around the world since 1999.

For over 19 years, it’s been the Fingershield mission to ensure the number of accidents involving children trapping their fingers in doors falls and to also protect our customers from litigation.

Finger-Trapping Accidents

Finger-trapping accidents are not only painful and
distressing for the victim but are also traumatic for
those who witness the accident and have to provide
aftercare for the child.
With an ever escalating compensation culture, there have been
many reported incidents of personal injury claims being lodged
by the victims of finger-trapping accidents.

How much compensation was paid out for finger related injuries?

  • According to the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI), the value of the average finger-trapping claim in public places is £10,500.
  • Many of these incidents are entirely preventable if only the right precautions are taken.

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