Fingershield™ Door Hinge Finger Guard

According to RoSPA, over 40,000 fingertrapping incidents occur in the UK each year, resulting in millions of pounds in compensation claims.

With Fingershield™ from just £24.95 + VAT, you can completely eliminate the risk of children and vulnerable people trapping their fingers in the hinge side gap of a door.

Prevent Finger Trapping Accidents with Fingershield™

  • You can rest assured that when Fingershield™ is installed, finger-trapping injuries will be prevented. Furthermore, you will be safeguarding your establishment from serious compensation claims, that range on average from £3,250 to £7,000.
  • Over 1.5 million Fingershield™ devices have been supplied
    to organisations all over the world, including schools,
    nurseries and leisure centres.

Finger Trapping

  • Available in a range of colours, Fingershield™ is functional
    yet discreet and designed to match or contrast with the
    colour of your doors.
  • A Rearshield device is also available to complement the
    Fingershield™, which is fi tted on the rear side of the door.
    When both devices are used in conjunction, fi ngertrapping
    accidents are completely eliminated.

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