Happy Hands™ Anti-Finger Trapping Door Guard








Prevent Finger Trapping Accidents with Happy Hands™

 Happy Hands are innovative and colourful door stoppers, which prevents finger-trapping accidents from occurring on the handle side of doors when they are pulled, blown or slammed shut. 

Simple to fit and easy to use, the Happy Hands door

  • stoppers provide an effective finger protection solution
    to prevent handle side finger-trapping accidents.
  • The door stopper is moulded in a fun yet functional hand
    shape design, ideal for accident prevention in children’s
    environments, such as nurseries, schools and paediatric
    departments in hospitals.


    • Easily fitted to any door using an adhesive pad, Happy Hands protect children from trapped
      fingers when doors are pulled or slammed shut.
    • Allows your door to close completely by simply rotating the door stopper from the opening of
      the door.


    • Available in a range of bright colours to complement existing decor.
    • Designed, manufactured and tested for maximum durability in areas where children play and learn.

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