Rearshield™ Door Hinge Finger Guard

Although the risk of a finger-trapping accident occurring at the back of the door is considered minimal, in a childcare setting the probability of an accident still exists. Unfortunately, this has often proved to be the case.

Prevent Finger Trapping Accidents with Rearshield™

  • Following the success of the Fingershield device in preventing finger-trapping accidents, a new form of finger protection was developed in 2003 called the Rearshield.
  • As a complementary door safety product to the
    Fingershield device, when combined you have a complete
    finger protection solution.
  • Like the Fingershield device, Rearshields can be fitted to most door types including wood, metal and uPVC. It can also be installed to doors, which open to 180 degrees.


Rearshield devices are suitable for a variety of
doors, with non-standard sizes available upon

  • Installed in schools, nurseries, leisure centres,
    retail environments and restaurants.


  • Free standard 2 Year Warranty.
  • Standard length 1960mm
    (non-standard sizes available on request).
  • UL 4hr Fire Rated.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Durable and easy to maintain.

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