PVC Strip Curtains

Our PVC Strip Door Curtains are high quality door curtains, specifically designed to allow children and staff free flow access between indoor and outdoor environments – an important factor in early years education.

Let everyone in, but keep pests out

  • The PVC strips are designed with fantastic insulation properties, preventing the cold air outside from mixing with maintained internal termperatures.
  • The soft grade, ribbed PVC strips promote ease of access for little ones.
  • The curtains guard against flying debris such as leaves
    and litter.
  • PVC strip curtains stop pests and insects from entering the classroom.
  • Robust and designed for constant use, with replacement strips available if damaged or dirtied over time.
  • PVC strip curtains help reduce noise pollution from outside, maintaining a calm environment.

Description and Specification

  • Ideal for nurseries and schools in a classroom environment where ‘free flow’ play is encouraged.
  • Easy to install curtains which can be fitted to almost any outward opening door.
  • Suits opening widths between 900mm – 1800mm.
  • Suits opening heights up to 2200mm.


  • 34-50% energy savings through temperature regulation.
  • Unique bullet shaped locking allowing ‘snap on/snap off’ installation.
  • Colours available – clear PVC as standard with translucent and solid colours as an optional extra.

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